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About Bittersweet Paris

Where creativity meets style!

We’ve founded BITTERSWEET PARIS with a very brave idea - we wanted to make the world around us more colorful and fun.

We’ve found out, that the best way for us to do it is to give you the clothes you always wanted to wear but couldn’t find anywhere else.

After the first few sales we immediately found out our calling - we saw how happy our clothes made you and we wanted to make them even better in the future. Our primary focus was the uniqueness of the product - we wanted to create something that will accompany you in many important moments in your life. Not only that, we wanted to create something, that will make those moments better and more fulfilling.

Another thing that we thought was missing from the brands with similar style and price range is quality. We’ve got tired of clothes that got damaged and worn out after a few wears. We think that the quality and the conditions where the affordable clothing is made is a serious problem in fashion industry and we wanted to address it directly.

We see BITTERSWEET PARIS as a clothing brand that tries to give streetwear fashion a completely new meaning and take it to the directions that were previously unknown. We’ve got many ideas that for now seem to be too ambitious but you can be sure that in the future, a lot will be heard about us.

For now, BITTERSWEET PARIS specializes in vibrant, energetic and youthful clothes and accessories, perfect to rebel against the grey and uninteresting colors of the city streets.

It is characterised by the uncompromised designs, full of life and pop-culture references, and the usage of high quality materials helped the brand to quickly gain the recognition and trust of the people throughout the whole world. Many young people wear the clothes made by BITTERSWEET PARIS to better express their unique life views and personalities.

We sincerely hope that our vision of the world we live in and the way we want to change it is similiar to yours and that our clothes will mean as much to you as they mean to us.

Bittersweet Paris Team

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